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2nd August Betchworth 'Orchard' River Mole

CADAS club match on own stretch of river mole betchworth. A good turnout for everyone hoping it's going to fish well! We've all been here before we know it's going to be a grueller under match conditions, but we all still come! Most pegs in and I've drawn hey diddle diddle, not a fancied area, leave hemp and corn in bag! Not a fish caught over 7 Oz along whole stretch but, little fish showing here and there. Sorry 1 fish over 7oz a 6lb pike on single maggot, with a few bits to win with 7lb 4oz, there was a 4lb and a 2lb 2oz weight, very grim but people funny enough still enjoyed it.

19th July BSA Top Lake  (Fixture change as Guinea Lake was no longer available)   Report by Trevor Pavitt

  Hi all BSA top lake July 19th. Good results comming out of top lake, pleasure fishing, but as always when lake is under pressure on a match it switches off. Good turnout of 14, shows people enjoy fishing there. Not a lot to say really as was really hard, with water very clear. All it took to win his section Dave Freedman was a carp of over 7lb and 2 tiny perch on peg 10. Tony aldworth managed some silver's on dam wall 2nd peg in for 7lb 4oz. Other side Les Taylor done less walking to win far side  section with just over 3lb of silver's with Ron close 2nd far end with just under 3lb. I lost 2 big carp last half hour, but that's what we are not there for! 3 places paid in 2 sections and now included as an extra is a super pool for those that wish too, 3 on Sunday!

5th July BSA Bottom Lake.        Report by Trevor Pavitt

Hi all another frustrating day at BSA and a committee meeting will be called to assess the situation. 9 godsalming and ten carshalton spread out round the lake, wind was very strong far side at times. It was a struggle most of the day, Keith Weller peg 16 managed to get some carp out that patrol under the trees there for a good win 28.12, no doubt picking up more than usual winnings will let Me A. Adams know all about it lol.colin Underwood fished the waggler for a few 20.7 peg 40, and Dave Freedman managed a few long on the point peg 22. Carshslton won the match on top 9 weights taken by just under 20lb.

25th June   Middle Lake 5 Oaks     Report by Trevor Pavitt

Knock up at middle lake five oaks yesterday. Ten out and just squeezed in, with 1 peg to spare, considering the conditions weather wise, excellent results, unless big fish show, Martin Charnock will always show the way at this type of venue with a fantastic 46lb roach, some lovely fantails caught, mainly by the weed, Charlie Cox had a good net of mainly skimmers, and Les Collins had a few too, mainly roach elsewhere, pics and results below

21st June   Bernie's 'Racetrack'     Report by Trevor Pavitt

Bernie's lake Sunday 21st June. Not s large turnout and greeted with some heavy showers upon arrival.  Lots of lovely cover here, and not over difficult to reach far bank. It seemed on the day the carp were up to 12 inches from the far bank or down the edge later. Dave Freedman showed his class fishing a few feet off a far tree for 52.7. Les Taylor only had one walk so must be catching and won his section from fancied peg 1 with 39.5. Boz was far end and was fishing literally 6 inches off far bank most of time for 32.6. myself after eventually getting the heads up from Tony and boz 26.15 far and near Bank all on paste 26.15

7th June BSA Bottom Lake.     Report by Trevor Pavitt

11 out, reports of the lake not fishing that well, were being told. Me and Les Collins done the draw for everyone. A change in weather on Saturday probably never helped. Not many carp being caught and no fish cruising, but lots of small skimmers and roach feeding. Well done Les Collins 3rd win of season, fishing down the arm and had to go very long to catch on corn 37lb 11. Peter gale caught well on the feeder for 24.11. The last match here before lockdown the winning weight was on the feeder, perhaps at the mo the fish are further out? Positives were a good net of silver's from Ron carter peg 9 about 17lb, lots of small skimmers.

24th May Orchard Place Farm Lake 10.        Report by Martin Charnock

Today's official club match was switched from Beaver Farm to the Silvers lake at Orchard due to a no net policy at the latter. There was a good attendance for today's fixture with strict social distancing taking place. Yours truly (top right) decided to go with a continental type start, introducing a 21 ball barrage at the all in. The laughter from those around very soon came to an abrupt end as the first put in produced a 4oz Roach. Richie Hemmings (bottom left) had also decided to follow suit but didn't match the same quantity but he too was catching at a quick rate,  Alan Ringwood on peg 5 however was flying with his landing net being put to good use every few minutes catching quality Roach and Ide. The first hour saw me catch 203 fish shallow but looking down the match length I could see better quality being caught deep so I too switched to a deeper rig which saw me catching 2-3oz roach on the whip. This was enough for me to secure the win with 28-4-0 but it wasn't all plain sailing. Ian Chandler peg 10 and an end peg (bottom centre) fishing close to an aerator in the last hour saw him catching big Ide and Skimmers to take third place with 25-15-0. Richie Hemmings peg 7 also managed quality rather than quantity  to take the runner up spot with 27-12-0. In fourth place Alan Ringwood (bottom right) weighed 18-1-0. 

17th May Orchard Place Farm Lake 5.      Report by Martin Charnock

This was the first match after lockdown and  with everyone separated from the draw right through to the weigh in saw nobody getting closer than the 2 metre rule which for the foreseeable future I can see this being the way forward.                     As for the match we had a full turnout which saw Micky Wakeling drawing peg 5 close to the car park, he made no mistakes fishing up in the water with sloppy ground bait for a weight of 157-9-0 and the win, although he did have a slight advantage having practiced the day before !. In second place was Alan 'Carp Guru' Ringwood from end peg 12 with        95-13-0. Richie Hemmings (Bottom Right) with part of his catch from peg 8 took third place with 80-4-0. Section winners were yours truly from the left bank with 79-14-0 and  from the right bank was Jeff Power weighing 78-13-0. It was also nice to see some of our veteran members back out  to do battle Pat Farrelley ( centre).

15th March Five Oaks Fishery.    Report by Trevor Pavitt

C.A.D.A.S at five oaks today, 16 out, nice weather for a change and most sheltered by the wind. Hardly any fish caught short and most fish caught on long pole or wag. Allen Adams drawn unfancied peg by car park decided best to walk round and have a chat for first 4 hours ! Well done Les Collins 2nd match running wins with 27.1O including 1 carp, car park end in woods, nothing caught short, max calverley caught well on wag, and Andy packham caught well on long pole, opposite bank ian chandler caught well too, the people that fished for carp, had no joy.









15th March     Officers Challenge CADAS VS Croydon Postal A.S           Orchard Place Farm Lake 10

The Sunday before today's match saw quite a bit of banter being thrown around in a small cafe in Tonbridge, resulting  in officers from both Croydon Postal AS and Carshalton taking part in a light hearted grudge match at Orchard Place Farm on Lake 10 one of the Societies newly acquired waters for 2020.

                         Above shows the lake in the morning all tranquil this was to change with strong gale force winds.

The fishing was to prove difficult at times but what the Carshalton boys didn't know was Croydon had fished it the week before giving them a slight advantage with their tactics. This was to prove vital for them as their victory was only slight but a win is a win well done to Croydon. Top anglers on the day were from L-R Clive 'End Peg" Mills  landing 32-2-0 which included a large Bream in excess of 3lbs. Second was Martin 'MR Whippy' Charnock CADAS weighing 30-10-0 of mainly Roach in third place was Graham 'Whip Apprentice' Johnson with 22-8-0 with two bonus Tench. Alan "Carp Guru' Ringwood managed fourth catching some nice skimmers for 20-6-0.          Report by Martin Charnock

1st March BSA Bottom Lake               Report by Trevor Pavitt

CADAS match BSA Sunday. Was hard for most, but easy for One. 14 in attendance, Well done Les Taylor smashed it with 70lb on open ended maggot feeder, while most people struggling for bites. Water was very cold and chocolate brown, and most people only having a few fish and 6 blanks including me!

9th February  Orchard Place Farm Lake 5.   'Friendly knock-up"      Report by Martin Charnock

 A friendly knock up organised by Alan Ringwood for Carshalton members saw 12 booked in for one of our new acquisitions for the upcoming season better known as the 'Doughnut Lake' at Orchard Place Farm. However the weather forecast didn't look too clever with storm Ciara expected and it did not disappoint. Even this was not a deterrent for those hardy souls that took part with some impressive weights for the conditions on the day. Alan Ringwood drawing peg 1 made no mistakes and taking a few tips from Graham 'Jonno' Johnson decided to fish corn catching F1's  for a winning weight of 87-14-0. On peg 10 Martin Charnock (moi) was agonisingly short landing 87-10-0 taking the runner up spot fishing the method early on then switching to the pole late on. Using maggot as bait with a 0.6g Benwick Silverlite Pellet  float (above) to a main line of 0.16mm to an 0.12mm hook length with a Gama Black size 16 hook. Third placed Andy Power weighed 77-4-0 from peg 3 fishing down the margins. In fourth place went to Michael Wakeling with 63-14-0 on peg 5.



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