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Reports by Martin Charnock


8th December Henfold   Christmas Match  


Today was the last match I officially orchestrated. My tenure  as Competition Secretary has came to an end. With mixed feelings I pass the baton onto Trevor Pavitt.

As everyone who attended will agree I went out with a bang, as my last official match was fortunately for me the Christmas match. This is a match I thoroughly enjoy organising, as the get together and raffle following the match is always great fun. I choose the venue not only for it's fishing capabilities but also for the warm atmosphere and good plentiful food supplied by the Lakeside cafe. Everyone leaves with not only a full belly but also a prize of sorts, this year the prizes on offer not only amazed our members but drew admiring glances from another club in there at the time.

Yours truly  took pole position with a Roach net from peg 37 weighing 14-11-0 fishing the pole with squat and pinkie to take the title three years running, whats even more spooky was I had the exact same weight last year. Les Collins took second place with 9-6-0 from end peg 33. Surprisingly there was a tie for third place from adjacent pegs 2 & 3 with Graham Johnson and Richie Hemmings both weighing 9-4-0. The team prize was comfortably won by Ron Carter, Martin (Moi) Charnock & Graham 'Jonno' Johnson with a points total of 17  dropping only 1 point. The booby prize for the fastest loser was won by our Chairman (top left) Alan Ringwood.

 L- R : Dave Freeman, Lionel Herve, Max Calverley, Robbie Gaiger, Richie Hemmings, Phil Taylor, Les Taylor, Alan Ringwood, Les Collins, Gary Barnes, Graham Johnson, Tony Aldworth, Ron Carter, Gordon Monument, Paul Wortham, Trevor Pavitt & Martin Charnock.

I hope some of you at least, have enjoyed one of the many matches in the last five years that I have organised. I have tried very hard to make it as varied and exciting as funds would allow.

Tight Lines and thanks for the memories .


Winners /  Results 2019

Championship Cup Club Champion Aggregate Points.  Martin Charnock

Runner up Intrepid Bowl.  Alan Ringwood

Brian Hibberd Shield.  (1st home water club match)  Robbie Gaiger

Mole Cup.  Richie Hemmings

Charity Shield.  Dave Cooper

Laughlin Cup Individual K.O.  Martin Charnock

Runner up. Graham Johnson

John Hyde Memorial Shield. (most points at BSA).  Martin Charnock

Feast Cup. (most matches least weight).  Graham Johnson

Points / Weights Top 10

1st. Martin Charnock 158 pts      1st Martin Charnock 1155-0-0

2nd. Alan Ringwood 103 pts.      2nd. Alan Ringwood 698-8-0

3rd. Trevor Pavitt 85 pts.              3rd. Trevor Pavitt 497-10-0

4th. Dave Freeman 74 pts.           4th. Dave Freeman 433-7-0

5th. Lionel Herve 71 pts.                5th.Norman Pavitt 407-12-0

6th. Ian Chandler 64 pts                6th. Lionel Herve 390-14-0

6th. Richie Hemmings 64 pts.    7th. Les Taylor 374-5-0

8th. Les Taylor 63 pts.                     8th. Ron Carter 325-1-0

9th. Norman Pavitt 61 pts             9th. Tony Aldworth 286-2-0

10th. Ron Carter 58 pts                  10th Jeff Power 281-2-0 


17th November      Willinghurst Top Lake.     'Pole Only'                                     1X

 Today was the last Championship match of the season. Things didn't go quite to plan as our intended venue the Main lake was allegedly inaccessible after a phone call from the bailiff on the Friday night prior, so we were offered the Top Lake as an alternative at short notice. With everyone pegged in the main bowl and being a pole only match one would like to think it was going to fish well. Well it didn't and was to be the worst venue for the dreaded blankety blank with five of the sixteen members not troubling the scales man. The anglers that  did manage to catch caught carp with next to no silvers showing at all. Robbie 'Aquarium ' Gaiger finished as he started the 2019 season with the win for 22-3-0, Trevor Pavitt took second place with three carp for 18-14-0 and third place was Les Collins with 10-3-0. Les 'Mr Walkabout"Taylor took 4th place in the continental payout with  a single carp for 5-13-0.   


3rd November Sumners Match Lake   Carp / Silvers Comp                                              1X   

The weather today was kind, with just a light shower that lasted around half an hour, earlier in the day some anglers were able to fish in a T-shirt it was that warm. As for the fishing weights were down in the Carp only pool but the Silvers pool weights were again very consistent from our previous visit. Tony Aldworth took poll position in the Carp section from peg 11 at the far end  with 94-7-0 making good use of an end peg. Second place in the Carp section was Dave Freeman with 71-13-0 on peg 17 but Norman Pavitt peg 13 was only just squeezed out of second weighing 71-0-0. In the Silvers pool Martin "Mr Whippy' Charnock went seven fish better than his previous visit to land 915  fish for a winning weight of 36-13-0 in second place was Robbie Gaiger peg 9 with 25-11-0 and in third place was Trevor Pavitt peg 5 with 19-11-0.

Top: L-R- Norman Pavitt, Dave Freeman, Keith Weller. Bottom: L-R- Martin Charnock, Trevor Pavitt & Robbie Gaiger.

20th October.  Henfold Lake.                                                                                                         1X

Today was a day when you needed to draw at the restaurant end of the lake, the further down the lake you went the weights dropped off so significantly that there were five blanks. Those that had caught were forced to weigh in halfway through the competition as fish were lying on the surface gasping for oxygen in the top ring of peoples keep nets. From end peg 40 David 'Boz' Beard found one or two fish to take the win with 10-13-0 which included a decent skimmer and a few crucians. Opposite on peg 10 Richie Hemmings took second place mincing maggots to induce bites to weigh 7-3-0. In third place on peg 8 Les Taylor weighed 4-0-0 which included a decent skimmer. Yours truly from peg 23 was the only angler in his section to catch and a solitary Roach of 8 drams this was enough to secure the third payout from the continental pool, there was also an added bonus of a golden nugget from whip apprentice Graham' Jonno" Johnson who fancied his chances so a little side bet took place with the whip head maestro, bad move Graham.

6th October Monk Lake 2                                                                                                                    2X                                                                                      

It was a wet and very windy start to the day but once the rain stopped those that bothered to attend todays fixture only had to contend with the strong gusts of wind throughout the match. From peg 66 and with the wind blowing into this end of the lake Jeff (centre) Power made no mistakes to take top spot with a weight of 122-12-0. At this venue there are not many small carp with most fish averaging into double figures, below Peter Gale (left) and Richie Hemmings (Rgt) had some proper munters with Pete catching on the method and Richie fishing 2+2 on his margin pole. Opposite Jeff was Trevor Pavitt on peg 55 taking second place with 85-7-0 with myself Martin Charnock taking third with 77-8-0. In fourth place was Les Taylor peg 62 with 76-4-0.

2nd September.  Sumners Match Lake.   'Carp &/or  Silvers'                                          1X

The prolonged rain showers that were forecast for today didn't really take place with just the odd downpour that lasted around an hour. Todays match saw members faced with a choice of either fishing for Silvers or Carp or even trying to win both of the pools on offer. With a payout for the top four in which either choice they decided £190.00 was up for grabs. In the Carp pool Ian Chandler from peg 1 close to the car park  took the honours with a weight of 100.14.0, not too far behind at the far end of the lake was Ron Carter taking 92-7-0 from peg 11 with third place Alan Ringwood from peg 8 with 87-6-0. As for the Silvers pool yours truly Martin Charnock 'whipped' his way for the win from peg 19 catching 908 roach to weigh 35-4-0 even taking an hour out to try and catch a few carp to win some more loot from the carp pool, but failed miserably. In second place my apprentice Max Calverley also went down the Silvers only approach with 18-1-0 from peg 13 with Aboo Koeheeallee taking third place with 11-1-0 from peg 18.

8th September.  Royal Berkshire Fishery                                                                                        1X

Round 16 of the clubs championship saw fantastic weights from this not to far a field fishery which is full of ghost F1's as well as providing a lovely breakfast beforehand for those that had requested in advance. As far as the fishing was concerned with a massive 141-9-0 saw Paul Jones take top spot from peg 57 he obviously knows how to fish this water !,  his Dad Tony was a little bit behind in second place with 59-3-0 from peg 14. In third place was Max Calverley from peg 66 with 54-5-0. Section winners were Richie Hemmings from peg 11 with 42-5-0 and Alan Ringwood peg 63 with 38-10-0. A big thank you and much appreciated to Alan Ringwood for running this match in my absence whilst I was away on my holiday. 


1st September.  BSA Lake. Rod & Reel Only match.                                                                     1X


Todays match at BSA was the 15th match of the season but saw the match having a twist in that you had to use a rod and reel which saw many anglers having to go to the attic and retrieve said items, it seems to many have poleitus these days. Numbers were slightly down for this popular home water could this have been the reason that many anglers have lost touch with the old ways. Allen Adams from peg 25 which turned out to be an end peg on the far bank, decided to fish his left and right hand  margins to land 83-14-0. However he was penalised having put to many fish in one of his two nets which was subsequently knocked back to 50lbs but did enough for the win. At the other end of the lake on peg 17 Martin Charnock fished the pellet waggler to record 59-7-0 taking second place,  it was close as Dave Freeman fishing next door to Allen on peg 24 had 57-10-0 for third, in fourth place was Trevor Pavitt on peg 40 weighing 53-14-0. The next match is at Royal Berkshire which is F1 city so good weights can be expected on this away fixture.

25th August Hartleylands Farm 'Peartree Lake'                                                                           3X

Round 14 of the clubs championship match took place at Peartree Lake  Hartleylands farm with a lower than expected turnout, which in a good way gave everyone a spare peg either side. With Carp on the menu everyone had different ideas on how they were going to catch, yours truly decided on a method to the island (keep it simple), some chose paste along the margins others decided to fish long pole shallow. Having drawn peg 17 at the far end of the fishery Martin (me) Charnock went with the method with 8mm meat on the hook and took pole position on the day with 197-6-0 in second place Alan 'Carp Guru' Ringwood peg 21 took second with a long pole short line approach for 116-6-0. Paste man Tony Aldworth peg 19 took third place with 99-5-0, Les having one of his better non walking around the lake days Taylor peg 28 managed 4th just pipping Jeff Power no relation to Andy! with 66-3-0 Jeff took this fab Mirror Carp (top) of 18-5-0 to weigh 65-3-0.

Top four from L-R, Martin Charnock, Alan Ringwood, Tony Aldwoth and Les Taylor.

1th August Marsh Farm 'Richardson Lake'  VS Godalming A.S.                                                1X

Today's inter-club match with Godalming DAS saw 41 anglers take part which saw almost every peg taken around the lake. Could this have been the reason for the difficult and poor returns from those taking part, which earlier in the week saw weights into the mid twenties around Richardson's lake. The saying you can't win from a bad swim rang true as the Carshalton boys at the draw bag drew very well !. Three such anglers were Allen Adams (top) and Martin Charnock drawing favoured swims 9 & 11 respectively with Dave Freeman on another great swim in peg 21. With a  top weight of 22-6-0 Allen Adams took top spot fishing the long pole catching Tench, Martin Charnock with 16-11-0 taking second fishing a 5 mtr whip  for small Roach and skimmers with Dave Freeman sharing third overall with 16-0-0. Revenge was sweet after getting beat at BSA earlier this year as Carshalton's top 5 weights beat Godalmings top 5.

Carshalton D.A.S.   77-6-0.    Godalming D.A.S    74-11-0

 The Result of the Individual Knock Out Final  

      Martin Charnock 16-11-0 Bt Graham Johnson 5-12-0 

4th August  Charity  'Open Match ' at BSA Bottom Lake

I was away for this match so Allen Adams helped organise this match ( thanks Allen). In first place from peg 2 was Dave Cooper with 119-12-0  second place was Dave Freeman from peg 16 with 115-7-0 , third place peg 7 Allen Adams with 107-6-0. In fourth was  Keith Weller weighing 78-15-0 from peg 38.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Today's match raised £70.00 for Charity.

 25th July Betchworth Orchard River Mole 'Trev's last Thursday of the month knock up"

Only seven anglers decided to fish today's match on what would be the hottest day of the year. With the river having hardly any flow and being clear it was always going to be tough and so it proved. The day didn't go as smoothly as programmed as 92 year old Norman Pavitt deciding to do a head first tumble into the Mole. Fortunately members were on hand to drag him out, not that it stopped him fishing as he decided to strip and carry on fishing in the buff. Back to the results Ron Carter took top spot with 4-14-0 of small Roach and Dace, in second place Trevor Pavitt with 3-2-0 and in third place Paul 'Tooting' Wortham (centre) with 2-5-0.

21st July Orchard Place Farm  lake 5                                                                                                             1X

As always expectations were high going forward for this popular fixture with it being a sellout the day it was advertised, however once again the fishing was a slight let down with many anglers struggling. It could  have been down to the monsoon rains we experienced the day before. Lot's of different methods prevailed with either corn down the margins, up in the water rigs via a pole and pellet or fishing a pellet waggler to the far side against the island features. Andy Russ peg 13 caught down the margins with corn to take the win with 140-1-0 of mainly F1's. Alan Ringwood on peg 6 took second place catching up in the water on his pole and pellet approach for 106-7-0, in third place was match organiser Martin Charnock catching on the pellet waggler with mainly mirror and common carp as well as the obligatory F1's for a third place weight of 92-6-0. In fourth place was Clive Mills peg 8 with 82-10-0.

                                                                          Semi Final Result of the Individual Knock Out

 Graham Johnson Bt Ron Carter & Martin Charnock Bt Norman Pavitt

7th July   BSA  VS  Godalming A.S                                                                                                                       1X

Today's match saw Carshalton D.A.S fishing against Godalming A.S, the weather had all week been hot and sunny but at the draw it was pouring with rain and continued throughout the day. It wasn't  until midday that the sun decided to make an appearance. 99% of the swims around the lake were taken which saw a decline in the weights as a whole but apart from the front runners backing weights were very close. Martin Charnock led the way and took the win for CADAS with 80-8-0 with Steve Moore of Godalming taking second place with 62-3-0. In third place was Colin Underwood with 48-12-0 fishing the pellet waggler giving Alan 'Floating Poleman'Ringwood a tonking off the adjacent peg oops ! Lionel Herve for CADAS took fourth place with 39-12-0. Taking the top five weights from each club Godalming just edged the win.

Godalming A.S.     198-6-0         Carshalton D.A.S  183-2-0

30th June Wood Lane Fishery.                                                                                                                               5X

A new venue first for the Carshalton boy's which is situated close to Heathrow airport found that Wood Lane fishery was not only a fantastic fishery with well kept swims but the cafe serving a full English breakfast with tea and toast for the amazing price of £3.50 got the thumbs up from all who placed an order. This venue is predominantly a carp fishery although this has the potential to be a great winter silvers venue with quality Roach, Bream and Perch caught by those fishing maggot and caster. However it was Carp that took the top prizes with front runner Martin Charnock (right) netting 93-12-0 fishing the pellet waggler from peg 27 with some carp in excess of 15lbs. Second placed Trevor Pavitt (left) fishing near the massive rush beds on peg 18 weighed 67-3-0. Paul Taylor on peg 24 was third with 54-11-0, Tony Aldworth (centre) on peg 21 had 45-13-0 but was having a nightmare losing loads of fish throughout the day to a reed bed but still managed to take fourth. Section winners Alan Ringwood 31-14-0 and Martin White 31-9-0.

3rd Round results of the Individual K.O  

Graham Johnson Bt Les Collins, Ron Carter Bt Allen Adams,

Martin Charnock Bt Robbie Gaiger & Norman Pavitt Bt Paul Wortham.

Semi Final to be held at Orchard Place Farm on 21st July

23rd June Beaver Farm 'Maze Lake'.                                                                                                                    1X

  Today's visit on Maze lake saw weather conditions warm and humid. On peg 9 Max Calverley drawn at the far end car park had a bonus result when the angler on the next peg went home early which led him to storm home with a catch mainly made up of F1's for 36-8-0 and the win. In second place from the spit Ian Chandler was not far behind with 35-6-0 from peg 11, in third place on peg 3 Martin Charnock weighed 29-2-0 of mainly Bream fishing the pole using and feeding 4mm hard pellet. A continental payout system was tried today with 4 sections in total, paying 5 places with the top weight in each section starting with the top weight on the day. Other section winners were peg 5 Allen Adams 16-11-0 & peg 10 Gordon Monument 19-8-0.

9th June Marsh Farm 'Richardson Lake'                                                                                                            1X


   It was a hard day for those fishing at Marsh Farm today, had it been because of the torrential downpour from the day before as well as a competition that took place, we will never know. A big thank you to Steve Moore from Apollo Angling donating some prizes towards our match today, he guested with us today having returned from Aussie land and was placed on an end peg 31 and romped home with 28-5-0. However it was Tony Aldworth on fancied peg 11 that took the top prize and the 10 championship points with 21-10-0. From flyer peg 9 Ian Chandler took second place with 17-7-0 with Dave Freeman's total of 15-10-0 taking him into third place from peg 29. Section winners; A sect pegs 1- 7 Richie Hemmings (6) 12-6-0. B Sect pegs 8 - 14 Allen Adams (13) 10-8-0. C Sect pegs 15 - 23 Martin Charnock (18) 13-7-0. D Sect pegs 24 - 31 Lionel Herve (25) 15-5-0.

Individual K.O Results Round 2

Byes: Allen Adams, Martin Charnock & Robbie Gaiger.

Norman Pavitt Bt Les Taylor, Ian Chandler Bt Graham Johnson, Paul Wortham Bt Serge Garbou,

Les Collins Bt Andy Packham & Dave Freeman Bt Ron Carter.

Round 3 to take place on 30th June at Wood Lane Fishery.

2nd June BSA Bottom Lake & 1st Round of the Individual K.O Cup.                                                      1X


      Today was Round 7 of the Club Championship held on the Bottom lake at BSA. Making a comeback and back into form was Dave Freeman, drawing down the arm peg 27 he managed to net 98-4-0 to take the win. Ray Smallwood on the next peg 28 was very unfortunate to draw Dave in the 1st round of the Individual K.O but was only one fish off the win to take second place with 93-1-0.  Section winners on the day were in A Sect: Allen Adams (41) 50-4-0. B Sect: Ian Chandler (10) 56-4-0. C Sect: Andy Packham (25) 29-14-0. Top team with 12 points were: Allen Adams, Andy Packham and Hugh Blake.

Below are those that qualified for Round 2 of the Individual K.O to be held at Marsh Farm 9th June.

Robbie Gaiger, Graham Johnson, Paul Wortham, Serge Garbou, Les Collins, Andy Packham, Dave Freeman, Peter Gale, Les Taylor, Allen Adams, Norman Pavitt, Ron Carter, Martin Charnock, Ian Chandler & Hugh Blake

19th May Henfold Main Lake                                                                                                                                           1X

    The light showers that were forecast held off, however the sky towards the end of the match got quite dark with rain clouds looming but for the scales men they were awarded a get out of jail free card and stayed dry. As for the fishing it was hard but fair with weights from around the lake being quite consistent. Many competitors had edged their bets and fished solely for Carp down the edge where others had opted to fish for the silvers. Tony Aldworth (below) from peg 25 fishing close to an overhanging tree found a few carp throughout the day to take the win with 24-12-0. From peg 30 Ian Chandler had caught skimmers on the long pole for most of the match however switching late on for carp down the inside, the win was almost complete hooking a big carp in the last 30 minutes but losing it at the net had to settle for second with a weight of 19-6-0. Section winners on the day were in A Sect, Richie Hemmings (13) 17-6-0. B Sect, David Ranger (21) 13-1-0. C Sect, Martin Charnock (29) 16-7-0. D Sect, Max Calverley (34) 18-2-0.  Top team on the day with 13 points were : Trevor Pavitt, Lionel Herve, Les Taylor & Max Calverley. A big thank you to the  staff of the onsite Lakeside cafe that opened early for those that had booked in for breakfast.


5th May BSA Bottom Lake.                                                                                                                                                 1X

  The rain held off fortunately  in round 5 of Carshaltons match back at BSA today.  Once again a good turnout with those members looking to fill their nets at this prolific venue and with some of the carp now reaching into double figures sturdy tackle is required. Club Secretary Trevor Pavitt had a big munter  (bottom left) clinching a section win from peg 1. It was the dam end of the lake where Allen Adams on peg 10 secured victory with 85-6-0 however it was a close run as Martin Charnock from the neck end of the lake on peg 38 took second place with 81-2-0, this was after one member requested not to put this peg in as it's "Shite", how wrong can they be!!! In third place was Gordon Monument from peg 27 with 48.8.0. Section winners were in A Trevor Pavitt 41-5-0 , B Robbie Gaiger 36-3-0 , C Alan Ringwood 28-11-0.

28th April Orchard Place Farm Lake 6.                                                                                                                       3X 

 It was a full house at Orchard Place Farm, however it didn't fish too well for the club members who were expecting big catches of F1's which are noted for this Mecca. It was carp that made the difference in the weights with few F1's showing and with the fish not coming shallow due to the cold wind ripping across the lake most of the fish were caught deep. Ron Carter took the 10 championship points with 42-13-0 fishing from the spit on peg 7 in second place from the opposite bank peg 12 was Alan Ringwood with 40-0-0. Taking third place was Martin Charnock with 33-6-0 from peg 9 with Lionel Herve from peg 1 taking fourth place with 28-9-0. Top team on the day with 13 points were Alan Ringwood, Trevor Pavitt, Norman Pavitt and Andy Russ. The next match is back at BSA hopefully a better day will be had than the previous visit.

14th April  BSA Bottom lake.                                                                                                                                               1X 

  With an overnight frost things looked as though it was going to be a hard day however arriving at the lake one or two fish could be seen topping in the bowl area which sort of raised a few spirits. Martin Charnock who absolutely detests carp waters had decided to go with a paste approach at 2+2 on his margin pole having drawn peg 6. This was to be a very good move as he took the win with an impressive 130-6-0 landing carp well into double figures. Lionel Herve had struggled to his peg with his new Octbox and was still setting up when the whistle went having drawn a short walk in peg 1, however he steadily put a few fish together to take second place with 35-4-0. In third place from the dam end of the lake Gordon Monument on peg 11 weighed 34-15-0. Section winners were Norman Pavitt, Ron Carter and Les Collins.

31st March Five Oaks Friendly Knock-up

    A few of our regular attendees decided to have a knock up on the bottom lake today, with the weather for once being very kind with light winds and a warm sun it was for once a pleasure to go fishing. With a few of the members having fished this bottom lake before, knew what species to go for, it was a shock when Lionel Herve (right) decided to just set up a feeder rod. This didn't disappoint and if not for being broken a few times may have won the day, however Bream and skimmers got him third place to weigh 22-7-0.  Alan 'Mr Chairman' Ringwood (centre) fished the long pole to also find Bream and skimmers along with quality Roach fishing pellet on the hook to take second place with 26-1-0. It was Membership/Competition Secretary Martin Charnock (left) fishing his favoured method the whip along with caster that caught quality Roach and Rudd to take the win with 30-12-0 a brilliant weight considering it was his first visit to this fishery. In fourth place was Jeff power with 14-9-0.

24th March Chequertree Main Lake                                                                                                                             5 X  

A fantastic day was had by the small contingent of members that bothered to attend today's fixture at Chequertree lakes fishery. The weather had people fishing in T-shirts such was the heat from the sun, with the warm wind and sun combined the fish fed well all around the lake. Martin'Mr whip' Charnock fished at 3 & 4m to land quality Roach with a few skimmers for a magnificent silverfish net of 71-5-0,  feeding caster with maggot as hook bait using one of his favourite floats from the Dino float range for speed fishing a 1g Roach master. In second place was club secretary Trevor Pavitt (centre) with another great net of silvers including several big Tench for 48-10-0, in third place Richie Hemmings (right) had a big net of skimmers for 40-5-0. Section winners were Alan Ringwood 34-4-0 and Mick Pearson 34-9-0.

3rd March BSA Bottom lake.                                                                                                                                                1 X  

Today's competitors were greeted with rain and gale force winds that got a lot worse as the day wore on. Due to the strong  rain driven wind, all anglers were pegged on the car park side of the lake. With the wind blowing down into the arm of the lake saw carp congregating around peg 33. Robbie Gaiger was lucky enough to pull this peg number from the draw bag and went on for the win with 67-11-0 fishing red maggot as bait, after having watched a DVD the night before by Will Raison and taking those tips and putting what he had learnt into practice, obviously proving fruitful. Peg 11 at the dam end of the lake saw Les Collins catch of 51-11-0 secure second place. Martin Charnock on peg 41 fished paste to catch double figure carp on his margin pole and take A section with 48-5-0 beating 'Floating Pole Guru' Alan Ringwood off the next peg weighing 40-13-0. Peter Gale in the bay went on to take the section win in B  with a mediocre weight of 10-11-0. 











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