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Competition Fishing/Results 2016

Reports by Martin Charnock

18th Dec Christmas Match Jeffs Lake Beaver Farm Fishery

From L to R :Pat Farrelley, Steve Leaver, Richie Hemmings, Trevor Pavitt, Les Taylor, Dave Freeman, Alan Ringwood, Norman Pavitt, Andy Packham, Ron Carter, Robbie Gaiger, Gordon Monument, Graham Johnson & Martin Charnock.

Carshalton & District A.S 2016 Christmas match was a roaring success, with all but one of the anglers booked in, failing to show. After seeing the pictures I am sure he will be bitterly disappointed. The fishing was hard but productive with everybody catching this was also reflected upon the prize / raffle with all anglers receiving a gift of sorts.  One of the anglers present was overheard as saying ;''This is the best Christmas match I've been to in over seventeen years''.  A delicious spread was provided by Janes Cafe, along with hot and cold beverages. A big thank you to the baliffs Ben & Andy at Beaver Farm Fishery for there help and support at our xmas match.


1st. Dave Freeman 42-8-0

2nd. Andy Packham 28-0-0

3rd. Martin Charnock 26-8-0

Section winners: Richie Hemmings, Trevor Pavitt & Pat Farrelley.

Work Party Free Membership draw winners: Dave Cooper, Vincent Colgate & Dave Freeman.

2016 Winners / Results top 10

Championship Cup Club Champion Aggregate points  Martin Charnock

Intrepid Bowl runner up Trevor Pavitt

Brian Hibberd Shield (1st home water club match)   Ron Carter

Mole Cup  Hugh Blake

Charity Match  (Brian Cope Memorial Cup) Dave Freeman

Laughlin Cup Individual K.O  Gordon Monument

Runner up Martin Charnock

John Hyde Memorial Shield (most points at BSA) Martin Charnock

Feast Cup (Most matches least weight) Norman Pavitt

Points / Weights

1st.  107pts Martin Charnock                                  1st 664-8-0 Martin Charnock

2nd. 92pts Trevor Pavitt                                           2nd 491-1-0 Dave Freeman

3rd. 85pts Andy Packham                                       3rd 467-4-0 Ron Carter

4th. 82pts Robbie Gaiger                                         4th 436-2-0 Alan Ringwood

4th. 82pts Dave Freeman                                         5th 418-8-0 Andy Packham

6th. 78pts Gordon Monument                               6th 406-2-8 Trevor Pavitt

7th. 71pts Ron Carter                                                  7th 364-6-0 Gordon Monument

8th. 68pts Les Collins                                                  8th 361-7-0 Robbie Gaiger

9th. 49pts Les Taylor                                                   9th 311-15-0 Les Taylor

10th. 45pts Allen Adams                                             10th 283-11-0 Peter Gale

Return of Trophies

Would all members that have been awarded trophies & /or cups,  please return to any committee members ASAP.

Many Thanks

27th Nov Walton River Thames

 The last club match of the season at Walton on Thames proved hard going for many of the members, arriving at the venue it looked really nice with a bit of flow and a tinge of colour and with no frosts expectations were high. However once the whistle was blown it soon became clear all was not right with the fishing and very soon many anglers were walking the bank looking for answers. One angler that didn't wander was Andy Packham (center) with a feeder catch of 3-9-0 including this 1-9-0 Roach to take the win. Second was Allen Adams on the next peg with his feeder catch of 1-8-0, third was Robbie Gaiger with this solitary skimmer caught in the last half hour weighing 1-3-0 having lost a big Bream at the net straight after. Well done to Gordon Monument on winning the Individual K.O beating Martin Charnock 0-4-0 to 0-1-0.

13th Nov BSA Bottom Lake

 A good turnout of 19 anglers for today's fixture, however it didn't go to plan as some may have hoped with shallow tactics not working it was those that fished hard on the bottom that were rewarded. From Peg 10 Dave Freeman landed 60-1-0 to take top spot, in second was Andy Packham from peg 21 with 49-0-0, 3rd was Robbie Gaiger with 42-8-0 from peg 38. Pat Farreley next door peg 39 just getting pipped in fourth with 41-8-0. Section winners today were Dave Freeman, Martin Charnock & Robbie Gaiger. Top team with 16 points were Robbie Gaiger, Martin Charnock & Gordon Monument.

Knock-out results Gordon Monument & Martin Charnock are the finalists of the Individual K.O and will fish on the final match of the season at Walton on Thames 27th Nov

League Points & Weights Top six

 1. Martin Charnock    102    League Club Champion 2016        

                                                                   1. Martin Charnock          664-7-0  

2. Trevor Pavitt                   85            2. Dave Freeman             491-1-0

3. Dave Freeman                 82            3. Ron Carter                     467-4-0

4. Andy Packham                75             4. Alan Ringwood             436-2-0

5. Robbie Gaiger                   74             5. Andy Packham            414-15-0

6. Gordon Monument         72             6. Trevor Pavitt                405-14-0

 30th Oct Main Lake Henfold Fishery

The reading of the result sheet from today's match was pretty dire, this being the worst recorded winning weight ever on our visit to Henfold with six anglers failing to trouble the scalesman. Top angler was Allen Adams with 7-4-0 consisting of a few skimmers and the odd roach. In second place was Dave Freeman on 6-6-0, not far behind was Les Collins with 6-0-0, in fourth spot was Ron Carter 4-3-0  followed by Andy Packham on 4-2-0. Many thanks to Trevor for running this match in my absence.

Today's Knockout Result:   Les Collins Bt Robbie Gaiger

Semi Final & draw to take place at BSA Bottom Lake 13th Nov between those listed below:

Les Collins   Martin Charnock   Gordon Monument   Charlie Cox

16th Oct Furnace Lake

 What greeted the competitors today was heavy rain and gale force winds, it wasn't till late on that the sun shone through but the odd downpour still decided to show its face. Peter Gale had fun trying to land this Carp (top left) of 16-4-0 in his small landing net this fish secured him third on the day with 18-12-0. It was a battle of the titans with Alan Ringwood peg 10 & Martin Charnock peg 3 having to share first place & the bounty as they both tied with 30-0-0 with Alan using pellet & Martin on worm and caster. In fourth place was Mick Matlock peg1 with 15-2-0. Top team was Alan Ringwood & Richie Hemmings winning on weight over Ron Carter & Martin Charnock after both teams tied with 8 points.

Knock0ut Results

Gordon Monument Bt Les Taylor   Martin Charnock Bt Richie Hemmings  Charlie Cox received a buy into the next round to be held at BSA Bottom Lake 13th November

Les Collins will VS Robbie Gaiger at Henfold Lake 30th October winner will face one of the above.

League Points & Weights top six

1.Martin Charnock    97 pts                1. Martin Charnock    629-15-0

2.Trevor Pavitt          76pts                 2. Ron Carter               451-13-0

3.Robbie Gaiger          63pts                3.Alan Ringwood         436-2-0

3.Dave Freeman         63pts                4.Dave Freeman         424-10-0

5.Ron Carter                 62pts               5.Trevor Pavitt           370-10-0

5.Gordon Monument 62pts               6.Andrew Packham   361-13-0

2nd Oct BSA Top Lake

The top lake at BSA proved a hard nut to crack for many of the competitors, with very few of the quality skimmers not feeding it was the odd carp and barbel that helped those at the top. One such angler and winner today was Les Collins on peg 30 above landing a bonus carp for  a total weight of 8-4-0. Second place peg 26 was Martin Charnock who up until 20 minutes to go had only a few pounds of whip caught roach but found a willing carp and a large skimmer for 5-0-0, tying for third place was Gordon Monument peg 8 and Les Taylor peg 6 with 4-0-0.Top team on the day winning on weight after tying on points were Les Taylor,Les Collins & Ron Carter

Knock-Out Results

Les Taylor bt Norman Pavitt,  Gordon Monument bt Peter Gale,  Les Collins bt Graham Johnson,  Robbie Gaiger bt Andy Packham,  Martin Charnock bt Ron Carter,  Charlie Cox bt Micky Trindel,  Richie Hemmings bt Trevor Pavitt.

Round 2 Furnace Lake 16th October.

18th Sept Monk Lakes 2

21 Anglers made the trip to Monk Lakes Fishery. Top Carshalton angler with 117-5-0 was Martin Charnock but lost fish cost him dearly in reaching the 200lb barrier, this was a common storey from all around the lake as most fish were into double figures. In second place was Gordon Monument with 92-4-0 followed by a fast improving Graham Johnston with 70-8-0 of mainly Barbel. Peter Gale took fourth with 69-4-0 fishing a method feeder & Andy Packham wasn't to far behind with 67-12-0. Top team on the day was Les Taylor,Dennis Price & Gordon Monument with 11 points from a possible 12.

4th Sept BSA Bottom Lake

Having had a disasterous last match, Dave Freeman was back in form drawing favoured peg 6 and blitzed the field with an impresive 187-0-0 to win the day as well as the golden peg booty. In second place Alan Ringwood had made good his practice session to weigh 155-0-0 from peg 41 in third place was Martin Charnock from peg 35 with 131-10-0, in fourth place was Robbie Gaiger peg 27 with 111-8-0. Section winners were Martin Charnock A section , Keith Weller B Section and Dave Freeman C Section. Top team with 11 points were M. Charnock,K Weller and Serge Garbou. It was another eventful match for the Pavitt family with Norman nearly losing his pole as another carp decided to swim off with his top 4 of his pole, this time however the lake didn't consume said item and Norman was able to retrieve it and carry on fishing phew!!

21st Aug Marsh Farm Richardson Lake

15 Members made the trip to Marsh Farm, with the help of the staff in Apollo Angling pegs were placed where the fishing had been in form. Drawing the Golden Peg for the third consecutive match Martin Charnock made no mistakes from peg 26 this time and put quality Bream and Tench on the scales for 30-0-0 along with a team winning performance with partner on peg 8 Dave Freeman 6-12-0 totaling 13 points. Ian Chandler peg 35 took second spot with 25-0-0 also taking second in the team with partneron peg 19  Norman Pavitt 6-10-0 total 11 points. Third on the day Gordon Monument peg 34 with 23-4-0 with Allen Adams peg 32 not far behind with 21-10-0 closely followed by Andy Packham peg 9 with 21-0-0.

 From left to right Robbie Gaiger, Gordon Monument & Ian Chandler with their catch.

7th Aug BSA 'Bottom Lake'

There were some quality weights with the arm of the lake being the place to draw. Allen Adams drawing peg 33 made no mistakes catching down the edge on paste to win the day with 157-0-0, in second place was Ron Carter peg 38 fishing the method to weigh 127-2-0 with double red maggot or meat as hookbait. Third from peg 10, Martin Charnock coaxed 110-0-0 using his 'Yorkshire Jigga' method with Paul Wortham on peg 35 taking fourth with 106-13-0. It's a hard lesson to learn and also a costly one if you leave a baited hook in the water and dont pay attention as Trevor Pavitt found out the hard way as a carp decided to swim off with his top 4 of his pole be warned !!

League points & weights top six

1st Trevor Pavitt       65 pts                                         1st Ron Carter              339-1-0

2nd Dave Freeman    51 pts                                         2nd Martin Charnock 316-0-0

3rd Martin Charnock 50 pts                                       3rd Trevor Pavitt         292-6-0

4th Les Collins              48 pts                                        4th Dave Freeman      230-14-0

5thRon Carter              47 pts                                         5th Les Taylor             209-3-0

6th Robbie Gaiger       46 pts                                         6th Andy Packham    199-11-0                                  

24th July Betchworth River Mole

Today's match was held in the 'Orchard' with every peg taken it looked good for a few fish, those that had  been their practicing were excited to get fishing  with one member catching 16lbs of Roach on Hemp the previous Sunday and now with a bag of Tares had his running shoes on to get to his peg. Sadly the water temperature was at a staggering 21 degrees and had a detrimental effect on the fishing. Hugh Blake making good use of his end peg did the buisness and probably thought as the day went on that his small catch wasn't going to make a difference but his catch of 3-4-0 blitzed everybody to win the 'Mole Cup', as well as the team event with his team memberLes Collins weighing 1-10-0 they had a 10 point victory over the next two teams, both on 7 points. Charlie Cox was second on the day with 1-13-0 drawing the next peg to Hugh with Trevor Pavitt tying with Les with 1-10-0 for joint third.

 10th July BSA 'Top Lake'

They say every dog has it's day. Trevor Pavitt was a Rottweiler on the Top Lake with a fantastic 31-8-0 (top) made up of mainly Barbel and  Carp, one of which weighed 7-14-0 where he played it on his pole for half hour on a number 5 elastic. This was easily infront of runner up Ian Chandler on peg 6 weighing 10-1-0, from peg 30 Gordon Monument wasn't to far behind with 9-12-0 to take third spot. Top team on the day was Martin Charnock & Ron Carter with 7 points just piping the other two teams on 6pts Ian Chandler & Hugh Edwards, Trevor Pavitt & Steve Leaver.

 3rd July 'Charity Match' BSA Bottom Lake

With 16 anglers including 2 juniors fishing today's match conditions looked good. A big thankyou to Linda Cope our treasurer providing tea bacon & sausage rolls before the start of the draw. Top angler on the day from peg 11 was Dave Freeman with this peg winning the last match Dave made no mistakes to weigh 143-8-0 catching down the edge. On peg 22 Martin Charnock drew this peg for the second consecutive time to weigh 121-4-0 using a 'Yorkshire Jigga' float. From here on weights were really tight with Andy Packham  peg 15 weighing 87-0-0, Allen Adams 87-0-0 peg 35, Ian Chandler peg 19 81-2-0 & Les Collins peg 32 80-0-0. As this was a Charity match we raised £165.00 towards Cancer research with many of the winners donating their match winnings,  a thankyou to friends of those fishing also making a donation.

26th June Old Bury Hill 'Front Bank'

 There was some quality Bream caught for a select few anglers with the feeder dominating the top results. Keith Weller found a few fishing the method with his special 'Day Glow Boilies' to seal victory from peg 12 with 50-4-0. Dave Freeman wasn't to far behind also catching on the method casting 3/4's across the lake towards the island from peg 16 to finish second on 47-0-0. Late arriver Trevor Pavitt having overslept was third with 38-0-0 from peg 20, in fourth place from peg 6 was Andy Packham with 34-8-0. Above top Veteran Norman Pavitt & Junior Vincent Colgate with their catch. Top team were Dave Freeman, Keith Weller & Andy Packham with 12 points all winnig their individual sections.

12th June BSA ' Bottom lake'

 It was a good win on the day for Alan' Mr Carp' Ringwood fishing from peg 24 he weighed in a massive 135-8-0 which included some double figure carp the best weighing 15-6-0. On peg 22 Martin Charnock came second with 91-0-0 catching shallow at 14.5 metres on pellet. From peg 8 Robbie Gaiger weighed 77-0-0 with Andy Packham from peg 10 catching on a top 3 of his pole with paste to take fourth with 73-12-0.
 With another eight anglers recording weights of 40lbs +.  Section winners were A Section 1st Alan Ringwood 2nd Martin Charnock. B Section 1st Robbie Gaiger 2nd Trevor Pavitt. Top team were Alan & Robbie with 12 points.

9th June Beaver Farm 'Trevs second Thursday' match

 The picture above shows a happy bunch of anglers but were they still smilling at the end of the day. Rumour has it if they had fed a bit 'MORE' they would have caught a lot more ! One angler who must have fed more than most to win the day, was Les Collins with 23lb's fishing in the' Premiership' not far behind was Robbie Gaiger with 20-12-0. Norman Pavitt top right was top angler from the 'Championship' and getting promotion on the day with a catch of 8-2-0 his son Trevor was relegated whoops!

29th May Passies Match Lake

 A good day was had by all that attended this bank holiday weekend fixture. Strong winds made difficult fishing for some anglers it also had an effect of pushing the fish down the lake, Ian Chandler made it count with 112-14-0 to take first place fishing paste next to an overhanging tree. In second place was Les Collins on the next peg with 80-0-0 mainly F1's. Section winners on the day were in A section junior Vincent Colgate with 46-8-0, B section Martin Charnock 40-4-0 & C section Ian Chandler. Top team with 8 points were Gordon Monument, Martin & Ian with Graham Johnson, Vincent & Les Collins just getting pipped on 7 points. Above Graham 'Johno' still going on if it was'nt for the wind he would have doubled his weight, Les T ( right) trying to get an extra ounce from scalesman Serge who was having none of it !

 15th May Sumners Match Lake

 It was a difficult day for the 18 members, with the Carp not yet in full feeding mode. Les Eggleton found a few fish from peg 11 to weigh 64-8-0 and top spot, with Alan Colgate managing 55-9-0 for second place just pipping Dave Freeman on 54-12-0 for third. Top team on the day with 11 points were Trevor Pavitt, Les Taylor & Gordon Monument.

12th May Beavers Farm Trev's second Thursday of the month match


 With the lake double booked Trev took the decision to let the Reigate members have first pick of the pegs with the Carshalton boys having the remaining swims. Fishing close to the car park Martin Charnock romped the match with 86-0-0 of Bream fishing 6mm expanders and feeding 4mm's caught fish up to 7lbs using a Roach Castor Dino float in a 0.25 gram size with 0.15 main line to a 0.12 hook link with a size 14 Guru pellet hook. In second place was Trevor Pavitt with 30lbs to get promotion back into the premiership! Third on the day was Robbie Gaiger  with 21-8-0.

  Martin with part of his winning net of fish





1st May BSA Bottom Lake

19 members fished the match today, with Martin Charnock standing in as Match Secretary presenting a new format. With sections & team payouts,  meaning that it was important that every member weighed in and so it proved, with the winning team pipping second place by 1 point 14 pts to 13pts. Winning the match on the day was Ron Carter with 98-12-0  from peg 24, not that it was that great as he broke two top sections of his pole ouch! second place was Les Eggelton from peg 35 with 66-10-0  with Serge Garbou taking third spot with 48-8-0 from the next peg 34.

Sections winners:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

A Section 1st Ron Carter peg 24  2nd Alan Ringwood peg 21. B Section 1st Ian Chandler peg11 2nd Richard Eggelton peg 7 . C Section 1st Les Eggelton peg 35 2nd Serge Garbou peg 34.

Top team on the day with 14 pts were Ian Chandler 6 pts Ron Carter 6 pts & Les Collins 2 pts

Runners up: with 13 pts Alan Ringwood 5 pts, Richard Eggelton 5 pts & Hugh Edwards 3 pts

17th April Henfold Main Lake

Dave Freeman was back in control on this match at Henfold Lake with a fine net of Crucian Carp with a convincing victory weighing 22-8-0, Robbie Gaiger was way behind in second with 12-6-0 Keith Weller was third for 9-2-0. Trevor Pavitt failed to keep up his winning streak ! to take fourth spot with 7-0-0.

   With the next match at BSA bottom lake in two weeks time there are high hopes for some bumper weights can Dave keep winning watch this space.

 3rd April Morehouse Farm 'Snake Lake'

 Conditions looked good for today's match, however with the lake being really coloured from the heavy rainfall during the night would put a dampner at the start with bites being few and far between for everyone. By late afternoon everyone was starting to catch. It was Trevor Pavitt that showed his class by catching late on with maggot over pellet on a light 4 X 10 float to weigh in a top weight of 28lbs close on his heals was Dave Freeman with 24lbs, Les Collins wasn't to far behind with 23lbs to take third place. Young junior Vincent Colgate (Top) had a great days fishing pushing the Seniors all the way with his net of fish.

20th March Furnace Lake  (Report by Trevor Pavitt)

 There was a great turnout, was it because  there was no frost or the expected good fishing with it being mainly a bream venue. I was hoping for a draw close to the dam wall in the deeper water. Drawing peg 6 was a great start but it was very windy making presentation difficult with the more sheltered swims in the higher numbers. The first severn pegs closest to the dam in my vision saw everyone catching a skimmer now and then, my first cast at 14 metres and a nice 1lb skimmer. Keith Weller was catching well on the long pole with worm, Graham 'Jonno' Johnson on the golden peg on peg 1 was having a few on the feeder.Would you Adam and Eve it just as I start to put a few fish together time called at 3pm and the wind stops!Pegs in the high numbers produce the best weights with Dave Freeman on 43-12-0 2nd was Les Collins with 34-8-0 Keith Weller third with 19-10-0 and Andy Packham fourth 16-2-0.

6th March Henfold Lakes 4 & 5 Silverfish Only match

 Les Taylor (above) was the top angler for the clubs first official match of the season, drawing fancied peg 2 close to the island he made no mistakes to weigh in 5-9-0 of skimmers beating Robbie Gaiger off the next peg who had also drawn the golden peg to come third with 3-6-0, but it was Les Collins who pushed Les all the way with a late run of fish in the last hour to weigh 4-6-0 catching hardly any fish early on due to the north east wind blowing across into his peg. Norman Pavitt behind the island out of the wind found a few fish early on in the match to be placed fourth overall, with 2-4-0 had it not been for his son spooking his swim by coming round to get a few tips who knows where he might have finished in the match.

14th Jan 'Oakleys' Silverfish only Trevs second Thursday of the month match

 Today's match was a different tale compared to the last visit in December with a btter frost -3 degrees the night before, causing the silverfish  to shut up shop for the day. But it was Martin Charnock who got a few bites catching chunky Roach fishing the long pole at 12 metres using a 0.4 g Sensas Auchy with red maggot on the hook to take first place with 8-10-0, Second was Trevor Pavitt who found a few fish willing to feed late afternoon to weigh 4-2-0. In the lower division and getting promoted to the premier division was Robbie Gaiger who weighed 3-6-0 which included a 1-8-0 Perch to take third on the day.

 10th Jan BSA Work Party /Match

 Today's work party match took part on the top and bottom lakes with 13 people in attendance. not bad considering the weather conditions! Main aim today was to try and remove a very large tree from the bottom  lake and also a smaller one, it was a great effort by all, and boy was that large tree heavy! Like tug of war inch by inch the tree came out, with captain Ian on the boat cutting the smaller branches out in the lake and being tugged to the bank. Most of the trees have now been nremoved and all the hard work appreciated by the club. As a reward for those attending a 3 short hour match followed, with the club putting up £100 in prize money, money well spent in my opinion for the work done.

 On to the match a few carp were caught here and there, and the hailstones that came down in the middle of the match didn't help either! Second year running Keith weller wins 22-0-0 of Carp on the method feeder 2nd was Trevor Pavitt with 5 Carp for 20-0-0 pole close in, 3rd Les Collins 17-0-0, 4th Ron Carter 15-0-0 losing 5 Carp costly!.

 P.S up for sale 1 rod and reel, top 2 sections of pole numerous floats and weights removed from large sunken tree ! LOL.

Report by Trevor Pavitt

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