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Competition Fishing/Results 2015

 Reports by Martin Charnock

13th Dec Henfold Main Lake 'Xmas Match'

 This was the last match of the season with only 16 anglers choosing to fish the clubs Xmas Match. Dave Freeman on peg 37 fishing pellet caught Skimmers and Crucians for a comfortable win for 11-2-0 in second place on peg 40 with 8-8-0 was Martin Charnock catching mainly small Roach and Gudgeon with the odd skimmer close in, Mark Smith on peg 4 was third with 8-0-0 with Ian Chandler on peg 39 for fourth place with 6-9-0 catching skimmers long at 14 metres on red maggot.

11th Dec 'Oakleys' SilverFish Only '2nd Thursday Knock Up'

 Today's Silver Fish Only knock up was a challenge for the seven competitors taking part in trying to avoid the attentions of Carp, overfeeding was a recipe for disaster as Richie Hemmings (above)  found out landing this Carp of 7-14-0 on his 4 metre whip without any elastic ! It was his brother Andy that took top spot with a mainly skimmer net of fish for 31-4-0, Martin Charnock in second place with 28-14-0  consisting of Roach and a few Perch with one weighing 2-11-0, Bill Roberts took third place with 28-0-0  with Richie in fourth with 27-8-0.

6th Dec BSA Bottom Lake

1st Dave Freeman 100-15-0

2nd Andy Packham 98-11-0

3rd Mark Smith 53-6-0

4th Les Eggleton 46-3-0


 22 Nov Furnace Main Lake (Report by Trevor Pavitt)

Furnace lake with Carshalton today, -2 when we left home -3 when we arrived! Should have stayed in bed! Only hard- core anglers out today, anyway with reports of 15lbs top weight and 2lb for third place the previous day,  everyone was jumping around getting excited.....not, cut a long storey short, fishing was very hard, even  Martin silver Guru Charnock would have struggled today. Allen Adams getting a few fish on the end peg fishing on the early tree pegs,  was happy to tell everybody so but everyone else was scratching fo a bite. Nearly falling off my chair as I switched to a lighter rig and first cast a 2lb skimmer, aye aye, but that was lost at the net! Dave Freeman end peg on the far bank nicked a few skimmers late on for a whooping 7-8-0 to win beating long time leader Allen on 5-5-0, Alan Ringwood netted 2 eels for 4-4-0 and me Trevor 3-8-0 for fourth. Conclusion first hard frost of the year and fish like us all feeling the cold.

8th Nov BSA Top Lake

The top lake produced some great Perch today with Vincent Colgate catching a 3-8-0 specimen from peg 9 (top). It was a dull and wet day with strong facing winds for those with their backs to the car park. Top rod was Martin Charnock who ran away to victory with 21-12-0 of mainly Roach with the odd skimmer fished long, but it was the whip at 3 & 4 metres that did the damage using  Dino Albo floats in a 0.2/0.5g with caster on the hook. Second place was Pat Farrelly on peg 29 with 12-14-0 fishing pellet to catch mainly skimmers, in third Trevor Pavitt from peg 22 weighed 11-8-0 catching Perch and Barbel, Les Taylor on peg 8  weighed 8-4-0 to take fourth place.

25th Oct 'Reservoir' Hartleylands Fishery

Only 12 anglers made the journey for today's club match Alan Ringwood was back on form with 52-10-0 for top spot, Trevor Pavitt was second with 49-6-0 Les Collins in third place on 41-0-0 with Peter Jones next with 30-12-0.

11th Oct BSA Bottom Lake


It was a day when all the big guns arrived to fish what was expected to be a big weight of carp from the bottom lake. Dave Freeman recording the biggest catch of the season on the lake (top left)  from his previous visit, went off like a train at the start of the match from peg19 but couldn't keep the fish coming and struggled late on for second place, with 50-0-0. Mark Smith showed his class once again from peg 9 recording a winning weight of 88-0-0 and also taking home the golden peg pot. Alan Partridge was having a bad day, with hardly no carp in an  area that was cold and in the shade all day (top right)  on peg 24. Ian Chandler took third spot from peg 5 with 48-0-0.

8th Oct 'Trevs Thursday Knock Up' Henfold Lakes

 The extra rainfall had coloured the lake into a gravy. This however didnt improve the fishing and although weights were reasonable it was hard going. In the premier league Les Collins took 1st place and top weight on the day from Peg 42 with 21-4-0 catching a few bonus carp from around the tree to his left, Martin Charnock Peg 35 had nearly all crucian carp for second on the day with 19-7-0 , Trevor Pavitt Peg 39 also in the top league was third with 11-8-0. In the conference league the anglers had a much tighter finish with Ron Carter taking top spot with 10-8-0  and promotion , with second placed Hugh Edwards on 9-10-0 and Norman Pavitt in third with 9-2-0.

27th Sept Walton River Thames

It was a fantastic day for those that fished the Thames with many anglers close to breaking double figures. It was Martin Charnock that took top spot and the golden peg money with a weight of 25-4-0 fishing the waggler and whip catching Dace and Roach on caster and hemp. Trevor Pavitt going for a long walk weighed 15-14-0 for second with quality Roach on Hemp and Tares, Norman Pavitt was third, also with a double figure weight of 11-0-0, the Pavitts do like a trek. In fourth was Steve Leaver with 9-12-0.

13th Sept BSA Bottom Lake

It was Dave Freeman that took pole position recording the best weight this season from the Bottom lake with a magnificent catch of 188-10-0, in second place was Ian Chandler with 128-15-0, Alan Ringwood was third with 95-12-0 with Trevor Pavitt on 85-3-0 for fourth place on the day. It was nice to see a junior fish today's competition, the result one of many nice carp caught by 'Bodge' ( top left).

Round 4 Individual K.O to be fished at BSA Bottom Lake 11th October

Trevor Pavitt VS Bye   Les Taylor VS Dave Freeman

Sunday 30th Aug Sumners Pond

Mark Smith blitzed the field of 16 anglers again!! with 233-12-0, second was Dave Freeman on 115-3-0, Les Taylor 83-13-0 and in fourth place Trevor Pavitt (below) with 83-8-0 including this munter of 18lbs.

Sunday 16th Aug River Mole Betchworth 'Upstream'

10 Members ventured out for todays club match, with expectations of a big weight from quality Roach. However the quality failed to show and Les Collins catching loads of small fish took the win and the Mole Cup with 5-7-0. Not far behind was Pat Farrelly with 5-0-0 for second in third was Martin Charnock with 3-15-0 & Richie Hemmings (below) taking fourth place with 2-15-0.

Thursday 13th Aug 'Trev's knock-up' Marsh Farm Richardson Lake


With 12 anglers braving the weather for todays match expectations were high however the fish had other ideas and soon as the whistle sounded for the all in it was also the start for the deluge of rain and soon as the whistle sounded for the all out the rain stopped.
 The good news was we could all pack away our wet gear away in the dry. With anglers placed into leagues as far as payouts it was the Premier league anglers that took the top spots Les Collins with some nice Bream from peg 4 weighed 12-13-0 for first place, with Martin Charnock landing some nice Tench from peg 14 for 10-12-0 Trevor Pavitt was third from peg 12 with 9-2-0. In Division 1 Ron Carter was tops with 7-14-0 to get a promotion into the premier lge and in the Conference Lge Les Taylor was tops with 8-10-0 will the lads in Division 1 eat him alive on his promotion stay tuned.

Sunday 2nd Aug BSA Bottom Lake

With only 16 anglers attending today's match it would require a ton weight to make the frame. Making a surprise appearance was Martin Charnock, from peg 26 he weighed in 139-8-0  to take first place fishing a 6 gram pellet waggler with a banded 8mm pellet, but it was paste that did the main damage using a home made paste float to a size 12 hook. Dave Freeman from peg 22 fishing the long pole at 14 mtrs fishing pellet shallow was second with 126-10-0. Third was Pat Farrelly from peg 36 with 109-8-0, Robbie Gaiger fishing along the edge on peg 11 weighed 101-8-0 for fourth.

Round 3 Individual K.O at Sumners Lake 30 August

Trevor Pavitt VS Bye  Martin Charnock VS Hugh Blake                                                                                                     Dave Freeman VS Peter Gale Les Taylor VS Bye    

Sunday 19th July Monk Lakes Lake 2

Mark Smith was  top angler out of the 11 members that took part with 286-0-0, second Alan Ringwood 232-0-0 Dave Freeman 215-0-0 Hugh Edwards 163-0-0.

Thursday 9th July ' Trevs knock-up Betchworth River Mole

 The weather was hot and sunny with most of the fish taking cover from the overhanging vegetation one angler Les Collins fished the long pole across and had a fabulous Tench with his winning catch of small roach and skimmers for 5-9-0.Weights after were alot smaller with small roach,dace and chublets with ounces separating with Ron Carter weighing in 1-9-0 for second and Robbie Gaiger third with 1-8-0.

Sunday 5th July BSA Top Lake

It was a mix of sunshine and heavy showers on the day but it was Hugh Edwards (above) showing his class on the Top Lake at Bury St Austen catching quality skimmers to blitz the rest of the field with 25-10-0 fishing the pole with big baits !. Following in his wake were two anglers tied into second place Les Collins & Aboo koheallee with 13-12-0 Hugh Blake in fourth with 13-8-0.

Sunday 28th June BSA Bottom Lake Charity Match

14 Anglers attended the 'Brian Cope' Memorial competition with Mark Smith winning the day comfortably with 136-4-0 second was Les Collins on 93-12-0 Lee Perry third 85-14-0 with Robbie Gaiger taking fourth spot on 78-14-0.

Sunday 21st June  Old Bury Hill 'Old Lake'

 18 Members made the journey to Old Bury Hills 'old lake' near Dorking hoping for a good days fishing and it didn't disappoint. During the final 1st round of the individual  knock out there was an abundance of friendly rivalry between the competing anglers which made for a great atmosphere. Two anglers that were drawn side by side were Mark Smith on the end peg and Martin Charnock, who were to enjoy a fantastic if not frustrating day, with so many fish in their swims,  foul hooking fish was proving to be a real headache but it was Mark's switch to the waggler in the afternoon that sealed a comfortable victory with an impressive net of 106-0-0 with Bream up to 5lbs. Martin came second with 73-0-0 having trashed five pole rigs in the last two hours (costly). Allen Adams was third with 56-11-0 with many anglers weighing in 30lbs +. Listed below are the anglers who made it through to Round 2.

Round 2 Individual K.O at BSA Bottom Lake 2nd August

 Alan Ringwood Vs Mark Smith   Trevor Pavitt VS Allen Adams   

 Serge Garbou VS Martin Charnock   Les Collins VS Hugh Blake  

 Les Taylor VS Bye   Ian Chandler VS Andy Packham

 Dave Freeman VS Mick Trendell   Peter Gale Vs Bye

 Thursday 11th June   'Trevs Club Knock - Up' Henfold Lake


 Rob Hilson ( top Left ) and Martin Charnock with their Winning catch

 12 Members fished todays knock-up at Henfold Lakes with a twist, Trevor Pavitt running the match had put the anglers into 3 sections of 4 anglers but with each section containing the best in angling ability.  

Section 1 consisted of Peter Jones, Martin Charnock, Trevor Pavitt and Richie Hemmings. Section 2 Robbie Gaiger, Rob Hilson, Hugh Edwards and Ron Carter. Section 3 Les Taylor, Serge Garbou, Aboo Koheallee and Norman Pavitt.                                                                    

Section 1 Winner M Charnock 39-14-0, Section 2 Winner R Hilson 20-2-0, Section 3 Winner A Koheallee 19-14-0

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Sunday 7th June BSA Bottom Lake

 Alan Ringwood & Hugh Blake the first anglers this season to break the magic ton barrier at BSA

15 members attended todays match with Alan Ringwood taking top spot with 106-0-0 with Hugh Blake just one or two fish short with 103-0-0 for a close second. Dave Freeman in third place with 91-0-0 and Robbie Gaiger taking fourth with 65-0-0.

Individual K.O 1st Rounds at BSA 7th June & Old Bury Hill 21st June


Ron Carter VS Alan Ringwood     Pat Farrelly VS Mark Smith    Hugh Edwards VS Trevor Pavitt  

Allen Adams VS Tony Woods   Norman Pavitt VS Serge Garbou   Martin Charnock VS David Cooper  

Barry Cope VS Les Collins   Aboo Koheeallee VS Hugh Blake   Richard Eggleton VS Les Taylor  

David Ranger VS Peter Jones   Ian Chandler VS Robbie Gaiger   Andy Packham Vs Gerald Wheeler

Dave Freeman VS Keith Weller   Mick Trendell VS Les Eggleton   Carl Moore VS Dave Stark  

Peter Gale VS Tony Hibberd  


Sunday 24th May More House Farm 'Sidewinder'

Mark Smith looks anxiously on to see if he has just enough fish to win.

15 Anglers made the trip to More House fishery with the top 4 weights being closely contested, Mark 'Carp Guru' Smith did just enough with 92-2-0 followed up by Ian Chandler on 90-10-0 just one fish short of winning. Third and fourth place was again a close decision with Dave Freeman taking third spot with 74-8-0 with Hugh Blake on 74-6-0 for fourth.

Sunday 10th May BSA 'Bottom Lake'

It was a close match for first place but Hugh Edwards with this one extra carp secured top spot with 85-6-0 with second placed angler Ron Carter on 83-10-0. Dave Freeman was third with 64-0-0 with Les Collins again in fourth place for the third conecutive match with 56-8-0. 21 anglers attended todays fixture.

Sunday 26th April Sumners Match Lake

 23 Members attended todays match, but the draw at the start played a major factor with the early pegs nearest the car park providing the quality weights as expected. Alan Ringwood showed his class with an outstanding weight of 250-6-0 this included a specimen carp of 19-12-0. Second place was Barry Cope with 174-2-0  followed by Ian Chandler with 162-8-0 and Les Collins on 145-6-0.

Sunday 12th April BSA Bottom Lake                                                                                        

  21 Anglers fished today's match on the bottom lake at BSA,  it was carp guru Mark Smith that took pole position with  78-4-0 for a  convincing victory,  second place was Ron Carter with 56-3-0 with Ian Chandler on 50-10-0 and Les Collins in fourth place with 40-0-0.

 Sunday 29th Mar 2015 Henfold fishery Silver Fish Match

21 Members braved the elements for todays Silverfish only match.The results were as follows Martin Charnock with an impressive 29-8-0 caught fishing pole & caster with a groundbait mix of Sensas Gros Gardons and Lake Noir. Using a 0.3 gram Mick Bassett London Squatt float pattern to 0.10 main line, size 18 Gama black nickel hook tied on 0.8 hook link. In second place was Andy Packham with 17-6-0 closely followed by Les Collins with 16-12-0 and Mark Smith with 16-8-0.

Sunday 15th Mar 2015 BSA Bottom Lake

18 Members took part for the club match on the bottom lake hoping for a good day but weights were low. Club Secretary Ian Chandler was top angler on the day with 19-8-0 (left) in second place Mark Smith with 16-9-0,third Keith Weller 16-4-0 and Peter Gale in fourth with 12-8-0.




Sunday 1st Mar 2015 Work Party / Match

The fishing Work Party Match turned out to be pretty dire, with the top weight being recorded of 19lbs caught by Keith Weller.In second place was Robbie Gaiger with 4-0-0 and in third place was Les Collins with 2-0-0. Allen Adams who decided he would opt out of the match held on the bottom lake and fish the top lake had a catch in excess of 30lbs of fish and not one carp amongst his catch , looks like the restocking programme is starting have an effect !!!

The most important part of the day was the work party however, and we would like to thank all those that took part as their hardwork and enthusiasm was greatly appreciated.

 Sunday 15th Feb 2015 Club Knock Up

A glorious day at Furnace Lakes greeted the members for today''s friendly club get together.The start of the match saw Trevor Pavitt catching quality skimmers from the off but it didnt last and his catch rate started to slide as the day wore on, at the other end of the section saw a fish for fish battle between Richie Hemmings & Martin Charnock.Everybody was catching well with some anglers catching fish up to 4lbs.It was Richie that was first on the day with 43-12-0 caught on chopped worm Martin was just one fish short in second place with 42-10-0 catching his fish on caster,Trevor was third with 21-8-0.

 Trevor Pavitt with his catch                  Martin just needed 1 more of these for victory    Winner Richie Hemmings well done.

Thursday 5th Feb 2015 Club Knock Up










It needed 25lbs+ to make the top 2 places at Furnace Lakes with Martin Charnock & Trevor Pavitt taking the honors .Martin caught mainly big Skimmers on chopped worm over caster,where as Trevor caught mainly qualiy Roach on red maggot.With the weather in the morning  having snow flurries and a bitter cold wind saw many deciding not to go fishing but those that did had a good day despite the conditions with everybody catching over 10lbs.
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