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Carshalton & District Angling Club was founded in 1919 by soldiers returning from the first world war.

It was formed predominately as a means for these surviving veterans, to rehabilitate and relax.

Great care was taken over the choosing of venues, to ensure both quality of fish AND ease of access was obtained; with plenty of swims suitable for disabled members, OAP's and those with restricted mobility.

Over the years, this ethos has been continued and now in 2018, CDAS is fortunate enough, to have sole access to numerous outstanding venues. Venues which provide both sport, relaxation and when required, excitement!

We have an excellant programme of competitions available to our full members, which are held regularly from March straight through to December. We include not only club waters, but also local day ticket fisheries.

Theses are extremely popular events, with an average turnout of 20+ anglers. For more information on our upcoming competitions, please see our fixtures page.

So determined are we, to ensure the optimum sport is available to our members; all lakes are re-stocked yearly. Regular work parties are organised to ensure swims are accessible and safe to use.

So, if you are looking for a friendly, local, affordable fishing club - look no further. With waters in Kent, Surrey, East & West Sussex; we have something for even the most discernible of anglers.

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